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Who is older (and wiser)?

Cari is older, Holly seriously questions the wiser part, and Cari is definitely shorter. We also have seven younger brothers. Yep that’s right seven brothers!!! We could really do a family version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Where did you grow up?

Idaho. And no, we did not grow up on a farm. 

Why did you go to the library as part of a family reunion?

Our Great Grandma Whitman was the library board chair. Great Grandma and Grandpa did a lot to get the library going in a small rural Idaho town called Montpelier (which is one of the reasons Richard Peck is one of our favorite authors- he knows small-town life so well).


11 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Kim Buhler said

    What was your favorite series of books to read as a child and then a teenager?

  2. caribookscoops said

    As a child in elementary school I liked reading the Little House Series, large doses of Nancy Drew and a series called the Happy Hollisters. Happy Hollisters and Nancy Drew are formulaic novels. Same characters, similar story line, very predictable. I also read a lot of biographys.

    As a teen I liked reading historical fiction and fantasy. I read the Sword of Shannara series and as a young teen I read the Babysitters club and Sweet Valley.

  3. hollybookscoops said

    I would have to say ditto. I spent a lot of time following in Cari’s footsteps. I probably never read a book she hadn’t already read until I was in High School. Actually, it might have been all the way until College when I took statistics and business courses while she was taking teaching courses.

    I probably read the babysitters club a little more fanatically because I liked babysitting and Cari didn’t. My absolute favorite as an adolescent and even still would be the Anne of Green Gables series by LM Montgomery. As a teenager I loved to read Jane Austen’s books which are definitely universal favorites.

  4. Cindy O'Neil said

    Am still figuring out your site so posted a question under my comments about the Hope book.
    Question is:

    Will you be reviewing any autobiographies?

    And I add my vote to the Happy Hollister series for elementary age children.

  5. hollybookscoops said

    Actually, La Mariposa is autobiographical. The author wrote it based on his experiences growing up in California migrant camps. We will try to review a broad range of books, so autobiographies should be included from time to time just as mystery, fantasy, history, etc.

    Does anyone still even publish the Happy Hollister series? I sure loved reading about their family growing up.

  6. Cindy O'Neil said

    Sorry I missed that La Mariposa is autobiographical.

    There is a site with memories of other Happy Hollister readers.

    And many of those posters are collectors of the volumes . I relished receiving a new book in the mail at home every month and read the new one as soon as it came. So I have my parents to thank for subscribing to and paying for the series.

    From Wikipedia – New books were originally made available as part of a subscription series with prices ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 per title.

    The used books are available on Amazon and Ebay at reasonable prices.

  7. caribookscoops said

    Now I know how we got so many copies of the Happy Hollisters books. From mom via grandma and grandpa. Thanks!

  8. jone said

    Welcome to the world of kidlit. You may want to check out Nonfiction MOnday and Poetry Friday. Several of us post about nonfiction books on Mondays and poetry on Fridays.

  9. Welcome to the kid book loving neighborhood.

  10. jone – thanks for the welcome and the tip. I will check-out non-fiction Monday.

    teacherninja – thanks! We are excited to be here.

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